Resplendency is an online Christian [nondenominational] organization reaching people from all around the world. Its mission is to be a source of encouragement with a focus on walking teachable individuals to a better relationship with God and each other. Resplendency wants to see individuals blessed with peace of heart and mind which is found in the loving arms of Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to consistently grow your personal relationship with God prayerfully according to God’s Holy Word. We are a community of believers who honors and respects the Presence of God. We encourage you to rely on the Holy Spirit every moment of your life and remember to “Stand Out and Shine” for Jesus.

As we decide to ‘Stand Out and Shine” for Jesus every day, we are making the decision to let those around us experience God’s love with our example for Him. Our teachings inspire everyone to draw close to Him and learn to be led by His Presence. We can impact others by extending God’s love and being a light right where we are.

As Jesus said in Matthew 5:14 (AMP) tells us, “You are the light of [Christ to] the world.”


Resplendency’s Pastors:

Pastor Chris and Natalie Young of Resplendency

-Their desire is to share the good news with those who have not yet believed along with nurturing the faith of other Christians all over the world.

-Impressed upon the hearts of Chris and Natalie Young by God, who have been under the leadership of the Holy Spirit encouraging people for over 25 years in ministry.

-They both served in ministry together as Church nursery/children’s workers, bookstore workers, and marriage ministry administrators in New York City.  They moved to Florida where they became Sunday school Teachers, park/sidewalk ministry helpers, and Church board members,
then attended International Seminary.  After graduating from Seminary, they both were ordained in June 2003 as Associate Pastors at a Christian ministry.  Impressed by the Holy Spirit of God in 2010, they both became Senior Pastors of ¨Resplendency¨, a non-denomination Christian ministry in Lake Mary, Florida.  Even with a worldwide pandemic, and financially being impacted, Resplendency joyously jumped at wonderful new opportunities as an online ministry ready to minister to people all around the world for the Kingdom of God.

-Their passion as fellow servants, welcome the opportunity to minister to your group (virtually or in person) utilizing Biblical training, and life experiences, to build a bridge between people and Jesus in whatever situation they are in without compromise. Please contact us by visiting our contact page or emailing contact@resplendency.com and tell us more about the opportunity for us to minister to your group.